Jesus Died So You Can Mess Up

Jesus was dead for three days before actually coming back to life and appearing to tens of thousands of people, many of whom thought that the Jesus craze was over and that the Pharisees and their obnoxious scribes must have been right about him. In fact, one of Jesus’ closest friends refused to believe that Jesus had actually come back from the dead until he could stick his fingers inside the holes in Jesus’ hands and side, which Jesus let him do. The reason Jesus had to go through all that awful stuff is so that you and me can STILL MESS UP and even stupidly repeat our old sins and still know for sure that we will spend eternity in Heaven with God! Isn’t that AWESOME!!! Also, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to STOP your stupid sins unless you know that if you do mess up and repeat your sin, there is ABSOLUTELY NOT A CHANCE that you will be thrown into hell. If you believe that you are in jeopardy of going to hell even after you have accepted what Jesus is, then YOU WILL CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE with your sins and repeat them again and again and again. I guarantee it.

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