Finally, The Pendulum Begins to Swing Back





In a pleasant turn of events, New York City voters rejected disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner in today’s mayoral primary.  This came as a huge shock.  I was not sure how much further the pendulum was going to swing in the direction of the deviant, disgusting, and proud of it before it would finally start to swing back in the direction of God and his two friends, morality and decency.  It could not have come on a better day.  A day when America, and especially New Yorkers, recall a time when a respectable, albeit imperfect mayor was leading the financial capital of the world through the most tragic time in their history. 

Until today I could not have cared less about the New York City battle for the seat formerly held by Rudy Giuliani, who like all of us, is imperfect.  But do we demand perfection from our leaders?  Would that even make sense?  Of course not.  The only perfect person to ever walk the earth was strung up and murdered by the political leaders of His time.  Since then, a perfect person has not been yet born.  That does not mean that we must settle for the Weiners of the world, who are much less than merely imperfect.

This may seem of little significance to you if you do not live in New York, however, I see it as a sign that the pendulum may be starting to swing back in the right direction in the United States.  Morality is making a comeback, and the timing could not be more perfect.  The time is ripe for strong Christian leaders to step up and lead.  There is no Biblical reason for us to sit on the sidelines.  Let’s reclaim our United States for Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, on whose principles this nation was built.


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